Any ideas

So since my first bout of really bad costochronditis it’s never really gone away. Despite steroids & the last 2 months having steroid infusions with my Orencia. I’m not sure why it won’t go away. In the meantime I seem to be getting out of breath a little too easy,and when I take a deep breathe it feels strange. The only way I can describe it is like after a chest infection when you breathe a little to deep it makes you want to cough.
So I saw my family Dr & she put me on Lyrica. I’m not sure if its all related or the breathing thing is a separate issue. The DR thinks its all one issue,she listened to my chest & said it sounded fine. I guess I’ll take the Lyrica and see if it improves,but this is definitely new & freaking me out just a little! Even at rest it feels like I have a weight all the way round my chest. I’ve also been getting a deep pain in my upper back. I would just like a few opinions,I know your not professionals but I’d appreciate the input. Thank you x

Im not sure about what’s the best thing to do. I’ve had years of varying degrees of costochronditis, and as you say have had times when I feel short of breath (S.O.B.)

pleased to say that it has generally eased off over the last few months. My GP just looked into all other possible reasons for the S.O.B. to eliminate other conditions.

The deep pain I have in my upper back often feels like pressure in the back of my chest, the Rheumatologist guessed it was due to inflammation at the join of the spine and ribs but showed to be bone marrow oedema (T6-10) on the MRI, so it may be an idea to have more investigation do you think?

I think I’m on the same page as you. It doesn’t feel right,when I had my last really bad bout I didn’t really get short of breath,it was more painful if I took a deep breath. This is a shortness of breath & a weird feeling if I breath deep it doesn’t hurt though. I feel like the DR was concentrating more on the pain & tenderness. I think it’s a different issue.

Often I think we feel that things don’t ‘feel right’ and its always good to listen to your body and get things checked out.
I had no other health issues that could account for the S.O.B, but its a sensible precaution to check.

Good luck :slight_smile:

I also have costochrondritis and know the feeling of coughing when you try to take a deep breath. The last time that happened I ignored it until my GP visit and learned that I had bronchitis, but it looks like your Dr. checked that out. One of the things my GP and Rheumy did for me was to send me to a pulmonologist. The pulmonologist found that I was allergic to quite a few things, one of them being the cute little kitten that showed up on our doorstep. My kids and husband just had to keep him, but whose cat is he? You guessed it, mine. I'm digressing. :) The Dr.s also told me to take those deep breaths to exercise my lungs. Most of you know that I take Tai Chi. There are some really good gentle exercises for your whole body including the lungs. Just a couple of ideas, but please check with your Dr. first to make sure these are ok for you. Best of luck.