And We're Off!

From my blog, rannygahoots:

Life with PsA is never boring. It can be all sorts of exciting, actually.

Take yesterday afternoon, for example. Out of the blue we gathered our children together and told them to pack their bags! As they excitedly rushed to gather clothing and other items for their seemingly spontaneous outing, I finished up a phone call with my parents, thanking them profusely before hanging up. We loaded everyone into the van and were off on a whirlwind trip.

My shoulders and neck had been bothering me, so earlier that day I decided to take a nap. Upon waking, I couldn't raise my arms. After some deliberation, I decided a trip to the local emergency department was in order. Not knowing what was going on or how long I'd be there, my parents sprang into action and accepted a horde of children into their home for the night. After dropping me off at the emergency department, my husband transported children to Gramma and Papa's house and returned to keep me company while the meds performed miracles.

Sporadic Artie had provided me with so much inflammation that it was causing great pain and limiting my range of motion. It felt as if both shoulders were dislocated. Thanks to prednisone, a narcotic injection, and an anti-inflammatory injection, I was on my way after just a few hours. The nurse and the doctor echoed what my gastroenterologist told me just this morning, and what my rheumatologist told me last week - we need to get me back on Remicade - now!

We're hoping the five day predi burst will reboot my system and buy me more time. We're hoping the hepatologist will review my chart and decide the liver biopsy I have scheduled for mid-October isn't necessary. We're hoping I can go back onto Remicade soon.

I'm hoping to learn from this. Why did it take deliberation on my part to come to the conclusion that I needed to go to the ER? If one of my kids were having the pain and issues I was having, I'd have dropped everything and rushed them in. Perhaps I need to spiff up my self-care skills...and remember that with PsA it's possible to go from a little sore to incapacitated in a matter of hours, and I need to pay closer attention to the type of pain, as that makes all the difference.

Thankfully I'm much better today. The inflammation is greatly reduced and my shoulders, neck and arms feel better than they did before all this happened. I have to remind myself that I'm supposed to be taking it easy.

Hopefully our next trip will be to our beloved Camp Calumet for a long weekend, and not to the hospital.


I am new to this group and have been reading through all the blog posts from the past few months. When I came across yours it sounded like so many of my past hospital visits. I have ben living with PsA for 21 years and have had so many visits to the ER I have lost count! I hope that you have had some releaf since your post. Have you stared Remicade again? I get 400mg Remicade every 4 weeks. I can not go any longer between infusions or I will end up at the ER. I can not take any antiinflammatory meds as they only make me sick to my stomach and do not provide any change in my pain/symptoms. I am also "slightly" allergic to steroids.....some times the risk out weighs the reward to taking them!

I can understand how you feel about "why did I wait so long to go to the ER?" I am the same way. I will rush my daughters to the Dr but seem to just "tough it out" when it coms to my own self care. I think we do this because we do not want to feel weak. I also HATE asking for help! I have 2 children, 2 dogs, 2 fish tanks, 2 birds an a hampster that rely on soley upon ME!!!! I do not have many people in my life that can just drop what they are doing to help me or to take over my household if I need. So a trip to the ER is like planning a week long vacation to the spa!

Did you have to have the liver biopsy done? I hear those are painful.

Praying your doing well.