An Emergency Action Plan

I had an idea last night. After the pain got under control, and I had a good nap, I started thinking about how we handled our emergency in the morning. It wasn't smooth to say the least. It involved lots of me screaming and writhing and my husband asking what he needed to do to help, I was not at a point to articulate what I needed. I kept trying to give directions that he didn't understand, and that I simply couldn't explain any better than I was.

So here is where my idea came from:

I have lots of oatients with asthma. We write an Asthma Action Plan for them. I'll include a photo below. It lists their meds for asthma treatment and gives three situations and how to treat them. It's handy for family and emergency personnel to have because the patient doesn't have to talk or explain anything. Just hand over their piece of paper.

We have decided to make a PsA Action Plan, based on the plan that I use for my asthma patients. I haven't had time to create it yet, but I plan to Model it after the one from NIH. We will also have an emergency kit. I plan to include pre-wrapped doses of the medications that I must have when things are really bad: 2, percocets; 2, 10mg prednisone; 800mg ibuprofen; lidoderm patches; and an I.C.E phone list for my husband to make calls. I will have one for my nightstand, and one for my glovebox in the car.

Overkill? Maybe. After the day I had yesterday I feel like it would really help my husband know what to do when I am at a place that I can't get the words out in the right order. I have a feeling that using this might save me a trip to the ER.

525-image.jpg (648 KB) 526-PsA.ActionPlan.pdf (608 KB)

Love this concept. I haven’t pinned down the things that help me yet, so I will have to wait to do one of these. For now writhing and crying seem inevitable.

That's a really smart idea!

I keep pain pills available for bad flares. I can't go anywhere once I'm flaring ( would mean an hour or more trip to ER, depending on a ferry schedule and not being able to access a bathroom as it's not disability friendly) so I bunker down with my bean bags (heating) and wait it out. I've had enough bad flares now that I know the intense pain will only last so long. My hope is that eventually we find a treatment that stops the intense swelling and I can manage with out worrying about having to bunker down every week....even a few flares a year would allow me a more functioning life.

Not a bad idea at all. And glad to hear that today is smoother.

When I make it, I will share and take some photos. I’ve been working all weekend to catch up for my missed day, but this is top on the priority list when I get some free time.

It’s the steroids. I’m so glad I decided to be a good patient and take them.

Stoney said:

Not a bad idea at all. And glad to hear that today is smoother.

That is an awesome idea. I would love to see it as well.

An Emergency Plan is never bad. People can see it as over kill until something happens. Being prepared is so important. Plus it will give you peace of mind.

So, I was able to add the Emergency Action Plan that I made to the images on this feed. I created this in Excel, so If anyone would like a copy of their own to personalize, in-box me and I can send the original for you to edit.