Alert! Solutions used for steroid and cortisone injections contaminated with Aspergillus Mold!

To date 5 lives have been lost, many others in grave condition due to toxic mold found in pain management solutions given in injections. Please be aware!

Folks, you could be involved in this if you received steroid treatments for pain in your back recently. As SK notes, this can be dangerous and even fatal. Please read the article and warning symptoms. Talk to your doctor ASAP if you have any concerns, especially as the holiday weekend is fast approaching.

Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:

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This is really disturbing to me because I had an epidural steroid injection about six years ago (which, by the way, did not help my sacroiliac pain at all). Thank God I did not have the procedure recently, or I would be in the same boat as these poor victims.

II would really like to have a discussion about this at some point...... This was a compounded steroid made without preservatives (preservatives that prevent these molds from growing) generally you have to seek out these kinds of drugs. I guess my question is why?

This meningitis outbreak only affects people who received an epidural steroid injection specifically for back pain. "Epidural" just refers to the location on the body (lower back) where you are injected, but there are many different drugs that could be given via that method. The anesthetic used during childbirth is not related to the steroids that are administered for back pain.

Heres a map of "where"