Sacroiliac Joint Injections

Apparently my left si joint is a complete wreck and my right is getting there. Ugh - the dangers of going off meds (for neuro testing) and PsA going out of control! Back on Remicade and the pain only getting worse, my rheumy suggested bilateral cat scan guided si joint injections (steroid and pain med). I had been in such severe pain that I couldn't sleep and had major trouble walking.

I had injections two weeks ago and am doing better than I could have hoped. I'm not pain-free by any means, but can function much better and have much less pain. Now we wait and see how long this lasts!

Has anyone else had si join injections? What has been your experience?

It’s good to hear that you are getting some relief. It was definitely time for it.

Hi nym, I had both SI joints injected a week ago. And both hips done in the last month. Definitely some relief...not pain free but pain back to manageable just about. I need to go to physio now. I get a lot of referred pain from SI joints so it's nice to have some relief from that too. Hope you continue to get relief.

I've had facet injections and have seen and assisted for SI injections. It's not too big a deal (the procedure), however, it isn't recommended to have a bunch of seteroid injections into any joint. Most docs limit it to 3 per joint per year, and some want you to wait longer than a year after that third injection, or will reconmmend more invasive treatment. Just thought I'd go over a bit of the "down side" for you. On the other han, I have gotten a ton of relief from all of my injections and it has really increased my balance and helps with sleep.

So far, so good! I'm not out of pain, but pain is definitely manageable and I can do so much more! We'll see how long it lasts. Ah, the sleep. It's heavenly to be able to stay asleep!!!

We're hoping for two injections a year, but that will be stretching it.

I have been in the process of doing a SI injection for the past few months. I just changed rhuematologists and she is not as eager as I to have this procedure. She is conservative in treatment and seems to feel that the SI joint and hip plate are already compromised so much that anything is a risk. I am still researching and thinking (and praying) about the decision of go or no go for a SI injection. I do get the need for this--there are times when the pain is so severe that walking is impossible. God be with you.

Happy new year! 12 days post SI joint injections. Pain remains more manageable. The SI joints no longer keep me awake,unfortunately thd neuropathy does but nonetheless I am still really glad I got it done. I know physio imortant so I hope to book after weekend. Hope its going well for you nym

I forgot to mention, that the level of relief can be variable. If they don’t hit the just right spot, the injection may not work at all. My doc is planning a series of 3 diagnostic injections followed by a Rhizotomy or ablation which burns the nerve endings that are being irritated. That procedure usually provides relief a year or more, depending on how long it takes the nerve to grow back. I am supposed to do facet blocks at L5/ S1 and L4/ L5. Then he wants to do cervical facet blocks. That’ll be fun.

nym said:

So far, so good! I’m not out of pain, but pain is definitely manageable and I can do so much more! We’ll see how long it lasts. Ah, the sleep. It’s heavenly to be able to stay asleep!!!

We’re hoping for two injections a year, but that will be stretching it.