Have sacroilitis? Cortisone - did it work?

I am having CT guided cortisone injections into both sacroiliac joints for bilateral sacroilitis that is ruling my life at the moment. I would love to hear from others who have had this, and if they had the cortisone injection and whether it helped. Thanks in advance for sharing :slight_smile:

I had the injection on my left side as it was the worst side. They told me it would take 24hrs to work. Well it didnt work! I still had the pain and i was still swollen which they said i wouldnt be if it worked.

Bugger :frowning: wow you must have felt so defeated! That’s horrible! Maybe they didn’t do it very well. I work with radiologist doing interventions with the cortisone under ultrasound and I have to say, each doctor seems to have a slightly different method of doing it, different levels of experience and some have a higher rate of success than others. The doctor I’m getting to do mine, luckily, is a colleague of mine and I know he is very good at interventions so if he can’t get me some relief, then I know it won’t work at all :frowning: maybe it might be worth you trying a different practice with a different doctor to see if you can get a result? Is it still sore now? If not do you know what helped it?

I am always sore! They told me to start the naproxen if it didnt work. But naproxen just as useless. The rhemy nurse asked if the injection had helped so i told her it didnt. She made a note of it saying that it helps to know what works and what doesnt. She kept explainng about various drugs and what works for some doesnt always work for others. Its trial and error to begin with.

Yes, at work we use it just as often as a diagnostic procedure as will as a therapeutic one, it can sometimes help to give us information on where the pain is coming from. But we are all so different and respond to medications in different ways. I haven’t treated a PsA patient with cortisone so far since working in ultrasound for the last 4 years so I am interested to know whether PsA patients get the same result…

Well it might work for some. The rheumy was sure it would work to be honest. And of course, i was hoping it would!

BlueFairy said:

Well it might work for some. The rheumy was sure it would work to be honest. And of course, i was hoping it would!

I just had my 3rd set in 3 months. My hips and butt are sooooo much better. Now, if I could get relief from the back pain.