Well, the first cold has entered the building!..my 19 year old is in sore throat and snot city

Wish le luck folks :wink:

good luck keep us informed!

So just woken, and no cold yet :slight_smile: but I know Iโ€™m in a flare at the moment which started end of July beginning of August and as my immune system is obviously stronger and causing my joints problems (have a whole new crop of flare sites as well as some of the old favourites) I may get away with it this time Iโ€™m hoping

Fingers cross! I feel a sore throat coming on so lots of honey tea and sleep for me tonight! Good morning and well Good night for me! :)

Oh fingers crossed for you shutterbug, at least my kids are adults and donโ€™t require mummys kisses on hot snotty little faces lol but you know, I sort of miss those days :slight_smile:

Ok, My eldest son, is now in the grip of a streaming cold too...........so 2 men in the house with bad colds and 1 supposedly immuno-suppressed mother who is (so far) fine. Errrr???? :)


Sometimes I think a flare is caused by my body fighting off a cold or flu or other bug. I get exposed to something and very shortly suffer a big flare with or without cold/flu symptoms. Just a thought on something I have noticed. Hugs and prayers that you miss it this time!

You maybe right Michael, this flare is just getting worse, started end of July and I thought it was just my usual flare I get in summer but ts just increasing, I also think my MTX is not working effectively anymore ( seeing specislist next month) SI really painful at work, left shoulder, sides of both feet and big toe joints all flaring. Just woken up and still thankfully cold free :slight_smile: