A Rumbly in my tumbly

I had my second infusion of Actemra yesterday....Today I'm having stomach cramps....Last time I got them also for a couple of days.. Constipation keeps diarrhea at bay...I would truly love a bought of diarrhea....so sick of constipation. Anyway ....the good news is that I think the Actemra is starting to work!! Even my shoulders which have needed to be replaced for two years now...are feeling better. Tolerable! YAY. The bad news is that my asthma is kicking up with a vengeance. I've had to do three emergency treatments with the nebulizer. Wheezing all day....If it doesn't subside (and it NEVER spontaneously subsides) I will have to call my pulmonologist and that will mean a round of steriods. Starting at 60 mg and working their way down.Anyway that's all the news fit to report. .

That's excellent that you are getting such a great response. Definitely keep your doctor in the loop about the asthma.

PToday I called my pulmonogust (& GP) I;m now on a 12 day taper of Prednisone beginning at 60 mg. I hope that works and I an avoid a hospital stay.