Ostrich moment

Have tried to ignore that I can't walk or use my hands much, or do anything much in fact for the past 2 days. Swollen tendon sheaths, and pain in wrists, hands, ankles and sacroiliac joints has floored me. Had 4 injections of humira over the past few weeks and they really have been making a difference, so I think I must be at the start of some sort of flare. This disease is just such hard work at times. I may be heading for some steroid at this rate, but is so difficult to organise with my GP, that I don't have the energy to even contemplate that plus working out how I would get to the practice. Hmm. Lot to be said for being an ostrich and hoping things will all just get better.

Isn't it so frustrating when just as you think a treatment is getting to grips with your symptoms along comes something else which changes your mind. Hope it's a short lived blip and you're soon back to making progress on the Humira. In the meantime keep playing ostrich if it helps :).

PS. I kept a pack of prednisolone from ages ago and will continue to guard it with my life until it reaches its use by date. I've never needed to dip into it (and the early trial on it didn't help me much anyway) but it helps my state of mind to know it's there for emergencies if ever I was so bad that I couldn't get to a doctor. And in an even more dire emergency I also have veterinary pred in the house for my asthmatic cat (in my profile pic with me) .... I doubt it would make me grow whiskers!!!!!

Thanks for bringing a smile to my face, veterinary pred might just be perfect for an ostrich!