9 new drugs being studied for PsA

Some of the drugs sound pretty promising, especially the one for controlling Enthesis.


Very useful information, quick read as well!
Thank you for sharing. :blush:

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Thanks for this, Jon. The point is, that every year there are more and more “tools” available to us. I used to despair about what I was going to do after I’d burned through Enbrel and Humira and Remicade, but treatment options are now coming on the horizon faster than I could possibly fail them. We are fortunate to be coping with this disease now, and not a generation ago.


I may be moving on from Remicade, as it only is effective for 4 weeks, and I get the infusions every 6 weeks. I have gone through Enbrel, Stelara, and Otezla, at least now I have more options. The new one that is specialized for enthesis might be just the ticket for me, we shall see…

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Yes, I’d echo Seenie - thanks Jon. It’s always a relief to know there are more in the works! I’ve got to take both PsA and IBD into account, so that narrows the choices, and it is a relief to know there are more in the pipeline!

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Here is a study about possible target medications for PsA with enthesis. However, Stelara did not help much, so unless they come up with other options, I may be out of luck.