15, my worst year, 16, my best.... so far

As most of you know I was diagnosed in October of 2013 which was only 4 months after my 15th birthday. After all that I stopped working out or doing anything except walking or the occassional speed walk while I was sports managers. I was disappointed when I had to come to terms that working out was just to much for my body right now. Well, I did it yesterday, I RAN!! I ran for about half a mile and walked the other half. So far I am a little sore but nothing major. Along with hitting that accomplishment I also got a job not even 2 weeks after turning 16. I feel this year is the year of change and hitting goals that I thought werent going to get met. So I am doing well and I hope everyone else it too!

-Morgan, 16

Morgan, what great news to hear! Remind us, what treatments are you on these days? What are some of your best strategies for keeping yourself strong and healthy? Share the birthday goodies!

Happy Birthday! May you go from strength to strength, and may this year continue to be your best ever.

I’m on humira and I just learn when I need to sit or stand or move around.

So Humira is doing a body good? :slight_smile:

And your best strategy is listening to your body. LOL, Morgan, some of the rest of us need to learn to do that better! Well done.

Congratulations Morgan, that is really exciting!

Keep up the positive attitude, Morgan! Wow!

Happy late birthday! That's great, that things are going so well. You deserve it!

Sounds like you got a GREAT birthday present - just a little late. 16 is going to be a fun year. Just remember to pace yourself! Looking foward to your updates.

I'm late on catching up on blogs--sorry! Good for you for getting out there and running. Glad that with the help of Humira you've been able to turn things around. When you're in the darkest place that PsA can put you it seems unfathomable that within 10 months you'll be on a path back to being yourself again. And hardly anyone believes the "it gets better" advice when all they can feel is pain and inflammation and fatigue. But just look at you and your transition. This is such great news and I'm so impressed by your positive attitude. Way to kick PsA's butt!