Yet Another Diagnosis--

So I saw the neurologist today for the tremor that has developed in my right hand/arm. This was a second opinion appointment because the previous doc pretty much blew me off. Well this was an exam like I have never had. Lots and lots of questions; total neurological exam and was in with this doctor for an hour (last one was 5 mins). So he said that it is Essential Tremors...there is no cure...can progressively get worse either slowly or quickly...can happen in other extremeties...and will be with me for the rest of my life. Sound familiar? The medications (ugh...another pill) are just to reduce symptoms. I have opted no meds at this time. The one odd thing from this appt is he wants me to have a sleep study done because I am tired most of the day...well DUH Comes down to "they just don't get it" again. I have to think about having that done. So I kind of drove home thinking I guess it never ends...

Now I would like to know if this has anything to do with the PsA...or am I grasping at straws...


I like the Motto too Trees!

I called today and asked the particulars about the sleep I just have to find out the copays and decide

when I want to do it. As for the resting I still work full time and have a husband that is not in the best of health (really bad heart) so I usually go for at least 14 hours non stop every day. Luckily our kids are all grown. I don't know how much longer I am going to be able to work.

No I haven't had an EMG because there is no loss of sensation in my extremeties. I do have a numb patch on my back but that is from the bulging disk in my neck.