Xeljanz and blood clots

I just saw one of those legal solicitation adds on TV announce that Xeljanz has been linked to an increased risk of blood clots especially pulmonary emboli in the lungs especially at higher doses. I found an FDA website regarding the study:


Very scary. This was one of the meds suggested by my doc. I chose Cosentyx but if that doesn’t work I was considering Xeljanz next. Has anyone heard of someone who had blood clots with Xeljanz (high or regular dose) or any of the other biologics?


I have not. But talk to your Doc not the internet. This is likley another one of those Association is not Causation things. The fact is having PsA linked to an increased risk of blood clots especially pulmonary emboli in the lungs. So is it the disease or the drug? Every adverse event is reported, MOST wAAAAY overhyped on the internet, But folks tend to trust Dr. Google. Those clots are often the result of A-Fib a huge risk for PsA patients along with a whole.

USUALLY the FDA will issue a “Black Box Warning” if the adverse event is actual causation. I can’t find any for Xeljanz. Doesn’t mean there aren’t any, just that I can’t find them.


Well, just had to rush to the bathroom and check what dosage I’m on - 5mg twice a day, phew! I’ve not heard of blood clots as a possible side effect, but then I try not to read possible side effects unless I need to, as I’ll get every single one of them if I do!!!
I must say I’ve been on Xeljanz for about 2 months and haven’t had any side effects at all. Not sure about benefits yet either, but early days.