WTH? ESR/CRP higher than ever:((

So I have been on MTX and I emailed my Rheumy to inform her that not only was MTX not working But I was feeling worse:( Now she put me on Sulfasalazine. I feel like my PsA is out of control;( Has anyone felt any relief on Sulfa? My ESR up to 43 and my CRP 10.3 I had a Triple Fusion Arthrodesis on my left foot in Jan. I should be walking by now!!! Now I’m scared to death I wont be ready for work by end of July.

The only time in the past year my crp has gone below 10 was when I had cortisone injections into my si joints and foot I’ve been on mtx for a year and started Humira 12 weeks ago. But I can say I m finally starting to feel better. Hopefully you will find the right med for you soon

Only Sulfa! Im thinking biologics of course from what I have read, but I think Rheumy may want to try 1 more DMARD. I feel so helpless like there is no hope! Why do I hurt so much? I have started to cramp up and spasms are back to, so weird feels like my veins are rolling:/ any one else feel that way? After 8 months I feel like im back to square 1.

Y, this is a disease that waxes and wanes. The symptoms get worse and get better, sometimes independent of the drugs you’re taking. People on biologics have been known to have flares too. It sounds like your rheumie is going to cycle you through a few DMARDs before suggesting the aggressive meds. But in the meanwhile, you are left to cope with the pain, fatigue and depression. I’m sorry, so many of us know what you are going through, and it is tough.
Why do you feel spasms and cramps and pain? Because you have inflammation in your ligaments and tendons and where they attach to your bones, as well as in your joints. That’s a lot of places to hurt, and most of those places won’t be visible even if you had an x-ray.
There is hope, but you may have to kiss several frogs before you find your prince of a drug. You need to try to be a patient patient. When will you see your rheumie again?
Have you read the book that I recommend under BOOK REVIEWS? It will help put things into perspective for you.
This will get better. Not likely tomorrow or next week, but it will improve. Meanwhile, look after yourself!

Thanks! Seenie, Rheumy made next apt. For 3 months. Meanwhile I just pray this Sulfa??? Works… I haven’t read the book yet, I will asap. Thank you all for your support! You dont know how much you all just being there means to me. Im sure I speak for many on this site:)

Well I feel better now, that I finally understand The Gap! Yes, that is where I am at:/ patience patience patience right! I went back to all had read when I first found this site. I found that I understand more than I did before:)) Again thank you all for taking your time to read our sometimes desperate posts. Although I know you welcome the feel good posts more as I do and rejoice at the light at the end of the tunnel, even though sometimes it may be temporary but a triumph none the less:)

I’m so glad you found us. Supporting each other is what we do!