Would you try this experiment for ModSupport?

Because PsA people are the best, and I need to know if this move works:

Replace the XXXXXX in the url below with your screen name, and then click on it (or paste it into your browser) to see where it takes you.


Did you end up on your profile page?

Thanks to everyone who has a go at my one minute experiment!


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Yup, worked for me!

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Yup, worked for me too.

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And also for me.

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OK, now how about someone who isn’t a mod? Mod accounts work a bit differently from member accounts.

@Grandma_J? @amielynn38? @darinfan? @Katie909? @Susan2?

Does it work for you? I’m thinking of making an “easylink” for people to go to their profile page. The way Discourse is set up right now it’s a five-page-and-click process. (I challenge you to find your profile page!) People may find the shortcut easier.

What do you think?

It didn’t work for me but that’s maybe because my screen name has two words and I might not have linked them correctly. Who knows @Seenie - we all know my IT skills leave a lot to be desired! :joy:

And I underscored the link between the two words and it still didn’t work.

Hi Seenie,
IDK how to put my Grandma_J in where the Xs are. As soon as I touch the link it goes to the link. What am I doing wrong?

@Grandma_J, I copied and pasted the link into my browser and then replaced the xxxx. And then tried the same with yours @Poo_therapy & got to your profile page.

Thanks, Sybil. Ok, that worked, but I didn’t get to my profile page.

As you can see, it looks like it’s at my profile page, but it otherwise doesn’t seem to be any different from the normal site.

Thank you! Sometimes I forget that what’s automatic for me isn’t easy for others. So here is what I should have said:

  • Highlight the underlined link by clicking at one end of it and holding the clicker down as you drag across to the end of it. Release the clicker and it should be highlighted. Choose copy however you do that on your computer. Now go to the address bar, click there and erase whatever is there. Paste in the new URL.
  • Now put your cursor/pointer to the right of the last X. Click.
  • Backspace to erase the Xs. (Or you could highlight the Xs and delete them, if you know how to do that.)
  • Then type in Grandma_J. Cross your fingers and click. (Oh wait. You have PsA, you can’t cross your fingers. Just use your favourite magic words. Or your favourite bad words.)
  • You should go to your profile.

Did that work? Tell me if my instructions are faulty.

LOL you did a screen shot! Nice go!

Oh no, Poo. My memory is the problem. I forget that for some members I need to give way more detail. No worries, I will add something. I have a new toolbox that may just be the thing!


My screen shot shows I went to the profile page link, but it still didn’t work.

I know. Let’s try this:

Click on the blue Grandma_J. That should send you to your profile, and while you are there you can update it. :blush:

Yesterday I worked on a different way of helping people with fiddly little problems like yours (I get lots of them!) and I’ve almost got it worked out. Stay tuned.

Thanks for giving that a good go, J!

C aka S

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Oh, I meant to ask: what kind of computer are you working on? Phone? Tablet? Laptop? Desktop?

Ok so how does this work on phone? I almost never use my computer and looking for profiles they show little and disappear if I try to scroll down to continue reading. I also had trouble trying to update anything on profile which is almost nothing since the last “migration”.

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PS… hello everyone! This is my start of trying to be more involved again. I have missed you all.:blush:


I’ve been working on my phone…if I wasn’t so lazy I’d go upstairs and use my computer.

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