Hello, I am not yet diagnosed but expect one on April 11th, my next appointment with the rheumatologist. She said at that visit she thought is was Psoriatic Arthritis with Osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease. She sent me info on the blood work when it came in and the only thing out of whack seems to be that I am positive for HLA B27 and the x rays showed some si joint strain, hip spurs, both feet have heal spurs and effusions at the Achilles tendon. Lots of pain, no energy. Have already had bilateral rotator cuff repairs, lumbar fusion, neck fusion, carpal tunnel release and de quervain release. Then this pain and fatigue hits and it has set me down. I don't know for sure that I will get a diagnosis at all since the blood work came back fair except for the HLA B27 being positive. I wish that one of you had a crystal ball you could look in and tell me what you see from the test results so far. I also have one more test to do one Wednesday. A sleep apnea test. Thanks for whatever you tell me. I just need something, anything.

Wow. That’s quite a list. Look - it’s not a great diagnosis we all agree. BUT if you have a great Rhumy you can work together to find something that works for you. Just focus for now on getting not just a diagnosis, but the RIGHT diagnosis. Then you work on trying the best treatment for you, then You winge long and loud in this forum where we all understand.

Here’s hoping the diagnosis is something less sinister.

Welcome regardless.

BTW “winge” is Aussie speak for complain. :slight_smile:

Welcome to you! I am so glad you found us, but definitely sorry that you needed to.

When I was diagnosed, it was because my physical symptoms were “classic” for PsA, and I had a positive HLA-27. There is much more to this diagnosis than just the numbers. So, a good doc should be able to take care of you. In many cases, patients have no abnormal labs for the diagnosis to be based on and the docs go solely by physical examination findings.

I hope this helps give your mind some peace while you wait. I understand how hard the eating can be. If you need anything, just let us know. We are here yo help you and support you.

Hi, backrack. Welcome here. Diagnosis for PsA can be really difficult and take quite a long time. Besides generalized aches and pains, as well as what they said was OA, like you, I had terrible depression which wasn’t seen as being related to my other problems. And all my blood work was in the normal range. (Up to half of PsA sufferers are like this!) I didn’t have anything recognizable as Psoriasis, but when the rheumatologist saw pitting in my nails, that was the clue! Waiting for a diagnosis is difficult, and I’m glad that in the meanwhile, you’ve found us here. Let us know what you find out on the 11th!