Worried about flu shot


I get the flu shot every year. I was worried at first, but was told as long as the shot was not a "live" virus then it would be ok. I have never had a problem with it affecting my PsA at all.

You are right Cissy, those of us on biologics need to stay away from live virus immunizations such as the nasal flu shot and Typhoid and the Shingles vaccine and remind your medical providers. My GP is a very bright woman and always up on things but a few weeks ago she ordered a shingles shot for me. I gently reminded her; we can all have a memory lapse. I will have a flu shot this year and a pneumovax.

I hope I'm not too late in this discussion. (I only joined the group a few days ago!) Like a few others here, I've gotten a flu shot every year for as far back as I can recall, never with much adverse affect, this year included. I got his year's shot on Wednesday, September 25th and I don't think I even felt drowsy any days after. Even if I weren't doing this shot for my own benefit, I really need it in order to help protect my husband. I'll go into more details in time but for now I'll just say that he has a few more health issues than I do, having gone through Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2009-'10, along with Congestive Heart Failure and COPD as a result of treating that cancer. (It gets complicated!) All that to say: I got the flu shot and I've been fine ever since, two weeks now!

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Welcome Colin! Feel free to post a new member welcome when you get the opportunity so people can hear a bit more about you.

Welcome, Colin! Thanks for bumping this!

My doctors and I are trying to figure out if I should get the flu shot. Usually for my rheumy and gastroenterologist it's a no brainer since I'm on Remicade, but I have adverse reactions to vaccines and the last time I had one I nearly ended up in the hospital and had a flare like I've never experienced. We're not sure which has the potential to be worse - the vaccine or the flu.

Ahh! Thank you for that reminder, Stoney! I sure will. The last few days have been helping me get more and more "settled in" here. It's hints like yours that are helping do that for me!

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Welcome Colin! Feel free to post a new member welcome when you get the opportunity so people can hear a bit more about you.

I want to add one thing to this discussion:

Let your family members and / or household members know that they should not get the FluMist because of your immune suppression. My son was just in getting some booster shots, and they offered the FluMist without even asking if anyone in the household is immunocompromised. I explained that I was immunocompromised and so my son would NOT be getting the FluMist, but rather the normal shot. Once I said something the nurse said "well, of course, in that case your son should not get the FluMist". But I had to bring it up initially.

I had a flu shot last year on the thirtieth of October when I was hospitalized. I broke out the very next day November first and was pustular within another twenty four hours. I remained that way for several months before receiving treatment. I did not have a diagnosis at the time and they where working on the premiss that I had MS. I have told both my derm and my reumey about this and they have verified it. It is now in my chart to make sure I do not receive a flu shot. This is just my personal experience. I know I always flare when I am exposed to the flu but I have only caught the actual flu three times in my life. It might be a good choice to get the vaccine more to protect everyone else in your life and treat a breakout if you should experience one. Awful for you I know but altogether better for those around you:)