What is remission?

Hi All

It’s been a few months since I’ve posted…having a fairly smooth ride since starting Enbrel in June (diagnosed in April).

Recent blood work shows zero inflammation for hsCRP and ESR. No visible swelling, some stubborn enthesitis, but generally feeling better.

Low levels of pain here and there but very manageable. Took a nice vacation in July, walked many miles, lots of crowds, and no real issues…knock on wood.

Wondering what constitutes “remission”? Is it free from all pain? Just trying to learn from others what to target going forward.

Any input / experience appreciated.


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Good question. There’s two types, on medication and off. I know nothing about either kind.

I think its classed as very low decease activity so its not remission as such. It is my understanding that it comes and goes with PsA but that you can be well on meds for years. Its being well off meds that i would like TBH

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