What can be done, if anything, about sharp/stabbing pain that hits you out of no where?

For anyone that doesn't know about me or my posts, my rheumy isn't totally convinced that my pain is from inflammation. My condition and symtoms (PAIN) continue to worsen every week. After I get over the brutality of getting out of bed in the morning, my main enemy through out the rest of the day is sharp-stabbing and burning pains. The burning "sensation" (for lack of a better term) is mainly over the right SI joint. However the pain that torchures me the most and greatly limits my ability to perform daily tasks is the SHARP & STABBING pain of the whole lower back region. These pain are directley related to certain movements. These pains hit me if I'm sitting or standing. Obviously pain medications aren't going to help much, short of receiving hydromorphone intravenously. Has anyone with such pains been given any suggestions or medications to help relieve or lessen these symtoms?

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Hi, I find those stabbing and sudden pains the worst to cope with too, prime example today… At work, wierd higher back pain on left side sort of under the shoulder blade, annoying, throbbing, hurts when I turn my head, but managable. About 5pm out of nowhere SI joint right sided pain stabs me as I lift my foot, continues for an hour or so then disappears for a few minutes then its back, sharp enough to make me shout. Don’t understand them and have no way to deal with them…been told its because of enthesitis and its true my major problems have always been tendon and ligament based, but its being treated as if its not important as its not actual joint swellings, but pain is pain!
I’ve starting to keep a pain diary and giving all pain descriptions and pain scoring (0 no pain - 10 agony). This is so I can show at my next appointment in November
Hope you get some answers cos as you say pain meds do nothing!

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BB, I have absolutely no experience with this, but there is a nurse on the Fibromyalgia site who found so much relief from this that she purchased her own. I am sure she would be glad to e-mail you or even speak with you if you are interested in asking her about this. It is the only thing new I have heard of besides an new narcotic just approved for nerve pain.


I hope these could possibly be of help to you.

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I have found exercise prescribed by a physio for lower back and SI joint pain (agony) have been a great help as long as do them daily.

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I couldmt do without exercise. My OT taught me Shabashi Tai Chi ( the slow movements you see some elderly asian people doing) its very good for mobility and helps strengthen core muscle groups to support joints, so ease pain, it is also very relaxing and I personally think it helps you release endorphines and they too help pain, but I stress that a personal opinion :slight_smile: when I have SI pain and sudden onset of sharp pain nothing helps but I think exercise helps me get less pain than I did

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Hi, I'm new to this site. I have PsA, but I also have a extruding disc in my lower back. It feels like exactly what you describe. I've had an MRI that shows this. Any chance you can get a Dr to give you a MRI? It's a horrible pain. Ive been through all the injections and next is a nerve test. (cause it is also crushing on nerves and shooting down my leg) then most likely, surgery. Idk if this'll help, but it could possibly be something non arthritic.

I'm at a stage where I have continuous, chronic and stabbing pain ,mainly in, but not limited to, my feet,shoulder and neck, even though the PsA is reasonably under control. This site http://www.medicine.ox.ac.uk/bandolier/booth/painpag/wisdom/adbmj2.... talks about the use of low levels of tricyclic antidepressants having a continuous analgesic properties when other painkillers no longer have an effect and the stronger painkillers are not a long term option.There are numerous papers on the use of these drugs. I'm going to talk to my doc about giving them a try. The dose needed is less than that used for depression relief. Worth a try; better than surgery whichI have found has short term benefits while I have this disease.

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I’ve been taking a amitriptyline for about 10 years as pain control for migraine, its a low dose of 10mg nightly and its a great help. When I was at my worse my rheumatologist advised me to double it for a few months.
But…I’ve just bought a TENS machine and its really helping the sharp SI pain I’ve had during this flare, pain meds didn’t help but this really works for me

This probably sound excessive but my Dr. has me on 2@50mg Amitriptyline at bedtime daily. I'm glad to hear that you are getting some relief!

Hi Buickboy

does this soften the stabbing pain? do you take other painkellers as well?