What are your hobbies?

I know we always talk about the pain and this disease but I want to start a topic about something happy and fun. What are your hobbies? What do you do to make yourself happy?

I love paper crafting. Card making. I also love reading, Doctor Who, gardening, and tea.

Reading, crochet, wood burning, miniatures… and then to think that I used to not know what to say when someone asked about hobbies haha and now I’m thinking what did I leave out?.. I have supplies for about 100 crafts… didn’t try most of them yet though…


I like long walks on the beach… no, well i would if i lived near a beach.
A great idea !

I am quite nerdy in my hobbies…

  • I like creating android apps
  • developing other software, scripts.
  • Developing my home automation
  • I like to do handy-man stuff around the house ie install wiring, shelves, cameras etc
  • Playing computer games.
  • My wife and I like watching movies, shows.
  • We like going out for dinners etc. However looking after our Bub is a full time job now which we love!!! :slight_smile:
  • I also like to brew beer but havent done it in a while. reminds me i think i will soon
  • Swimming in the ocean is my all time great love. doesnt happen enough.

Pottery, restoring antique wooden flutes, and also making new ones. Silversmithing, which is a little difficult with my fingers…

I am notorious for buying supplies for a new craft or hobby and forgetting about them. I am sure I have a few kits around here and I don’t know it. I’ve also bought the same supplies twice, not remembering I bought the first ones.
When you say miniatures, what kind of miniatures?

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I love your nerdyness my friend! The hubs and I watch lots of tv shows and movies together. He also brews beer as well. He’s rather good at it!

Wow, Jon! Flutes! That sounds fo neat. Can you post some pictures of what you do? I would love to see more.

Here is one of my creations.

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Wow! The wood is beautiful. Amazing job.

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Love your hobbies!

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My hobbies are walking and watching wildlife in the middle of nowhere. Sadly I haven’t been able to either for too long now. Just walking sets my brain straight again and gaining some sightings of proper wildlie makes my heart soar. I miss both dreadfully.

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I saw two deer yesterday when I went for a walk, so cool…

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I have 2 dollhouses 1/12th scale… but I figured out those are too big for me… I prefer 1/144th scale (dollhouse inside of a dollhouse)
I made this “room box” and it’s not very well done but I love it

(I hope you can see that even if you don’t have Instagram… otherwise let me know, there are a few pictures there I made everything inside there… I especially love the little dog even though he only looks good from one angle :wink: )

Edit: so it only posts the first picture instead of all of them… And it isn’t done in the first… that’s just there to show size… :frowning:


I also added my tiny mansion and the tree I made :smile:

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Cynthia, your wonderful creations reminded me that I sort of have a hobby I don’t get to indulge very often. I really like indie films but it’s not often they get shown where I live or indeed where I lived before. There’s a very odd film which is possibly my all time favourite, called Bad Taste. Made on a tiny budget by a group of lads in New Zealand many years ago & it won the Gore prize at Cannes. They made all the props themselves including a house rather like your amazing mansion which rises up into the sky at the end of the film. For some reason I thought you might possibly enjoy it. Not everyone does!

Is that an octopus in the bedroom? Wonderful!

Cynthia, those are wonderfully amazing! So tiny!!! I had no idea you could make something so small. I have an old dollhouse. It was made by my grandfather when I was 8 or so. It needs lots of work. I was saving it for a daughter but we only have a son. I would like to restore it though and display it in the house. Any ideas on where to start?

Sybil, I looked up Bad Taste and the movie cover made me spit out my coffee!! It is directed by Peter Jackson, Lord of the Rings guy. I am going to check it out!

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Um don’t do it like I did? I started 10 things but never finished any… that’s why I prefer to do the tiny things… they don’t take up as much time… when I start a project I need to finish in one go or else it stops being fun…

I’ll check out that movie @Sybil and yes that’s an :octopus: haha it’s the first thing I made after receiving the 0,5mm hook in the mail :smile:

I have been trying my hand at writing now. I have a degree in photography but haven’t done much lately. I am looking forward to doing that more.

I am also a certified hypnotist but had to close my part-time office due to the PsA. I am considering creating a website where people can download self-hypnosis audio files and other things like that cheaply.

tamac, Very nice! Writing a photography! You should do a book with pictures. Maybe a children’s book? Post some of your photos when you get a chance. I love photography.

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