Welcome to the fam, stansson from San Fran!


Hello and welcome to Living With PsA! I see that you are looking for some alternative therapies and many of our past members have come here with a similar interest. Are the side effects from your current medication quite bothersome?

Fortunately, we have a very useful Search button (top right corner of the white bar) that can be used to look through specific topics of interest. Feel free to look for discussion on any particular type of treatment you were interested in, but these are the results that come up when you search “alternative”:


If you’re not able to find what you are looking for, then I encourage you to get involved in our discussions and make your own posts asking for other’s input! Other than that, I hope you have a swell time and let me know if you every need any help getting adjusted around here!

Welcome! I’m in the Bay Area also. I may be able to answer some questions about local alternative therapy practitioners or resources.