Weakness and clumsiness in hands?

Over the last two months my hand strength has decreased by 1/3-1/2. My hands seem uncoordinated and things that I have done for years are hard. For example: clipping my bra, doing up my daughter’s snaps and buttons, tying bows , etc… I end up fumbling a lot. The reason I am asking is my internal med doc sent a referral to neurology. My Rheumy only comes to our part of the country four times a year and is not due till Nov. there is a 1-2 year wait list to see the neuro guy. My OT told me not to do things that bother my hands, well- I am a RN and a Mom, I really do not have the choice to not do things sometimes. My GP is baffled. Is this part of the arthritis? If so, is it normal to have a quick onset of deterioration? Is there anything else I should be doing or asking for? I am trying to get back to work, which had been going well. Now I can not afford to be clumsy in my job. Ontop of everything else now this? Ideas?

I have lost 2/3 of my hand strength this condition. I worked with an OT and PT to gain some of it back. The OT showed me ways to do things that I could no longer do and I have purchased some devices to help as well. I do exercises to keep the range of motion going.

Keep us posted.

It makes sense to rule out other causes for this, but I know that I have lost a good bit of hand strength and dexterity. For me it is all related to arthritis, and even under the best of circumstances, I have gotten a bit clumsy. When I am flaring or when it is cold, it is all worse.

This seems really rapid though. I'm glad that your GP is getting on top of things with this.

I'm thinking it's the disease... I'm a typer, a mom, and a crafter. My hand strength has been waning for a while. I had to have help opening the allergy drug blister pack last night, sometimes I need help opening bottles, grasping small things... and yes, cold makes it worse. Hope you find some way to keep up with your life, I know losing my hands scares me more than losing mobility...

I am so glad you asked. I am having the same issue. I drive myself crazy, dropping things, tossing pens across the room accidentally. Strength and dexterity are suffering greatly. Sometimes when I grasp an item, I get a pain that makes me drop the item. Then, I automatically stop grasping things hard as a protective mechanism I think. I too am a nurse, wife, mom. I need to stop beating myself up for dropping things and being "clumsy" and just accept my limits. I hope this helps you, as you've helped me.