Venting about biologic commercials!

I have gotten to where I get so mad watching the TV commercials for biologics. These people “testifying” they can now ride their bike again, play golf, play baseball, add nasuem… Who are these people and what kind of PsA do they have!

I would be happy to walk without pain! Some days I would just be happy to walk! I would give anything to be able to swing a golf club again. Grrrrrrr!!

These commercials are so unrealistic. Just how much pain and stiffness did these people have before they started taking the biologic??? I don’t guess a commercial with me saying, “hey, I can get out of bed today” would sell much for them!!

I wish mine worked like theirs’s seems to do!!!

I guess Humira worked that way for me, pretty much. And I was in a poor state beforehand.

But with commercials like that, I’d have been less keen to try it. The hype doesn’t always measure up and must be sickening.

Sorry about your ongoing struggles @tamac…it’s been a long tough road for you. Have you officially retired or still working at home? Here in Canada the only RX commercials that we get are usually Tylenol and a few over the counter meds…very few prescriptions. But I have seen the American ads that you are referring to. Likely many out there growling at the Viagra success stories too…all that happy music and “uppity” smiles etc! Maybe now that you are back on a biologic you might be in one of those “success” stories…here’s hoping! Wishing you success and true steps to less pain. I’m currently a bit disappointed that after 12 weeks of Humira I have very little evidence of pain reduction. But hanging in that maybe another 4-6 weeks might change things.

I’m so grateful we don’t have those commercials. How are you doing though @tamac?

Yeah, I might talk back to the tv when these commercials are on. Sometimes angry, sometimes snarky. There are people who have such an amazing response. Look, I’ve been on the same biologic for eight years now. So in that sense, it’s working. But is my functioning level at 100%? Nowhere near.

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Getting better, thanks. I had to start the Humira again after being off of it all Summer. My hands began to hurt badly, along with everything else. I went to the doc last week and got him to x-ray my hands and wrists. He said that the OA was starting in my hands, but not bad yet. He hopes the Humira will stop it.

Still working from home and probably will be until Summer. Once we go back, we will only be working from the office 2 or 3 days a week. I guess I will give that a try before I decide if I will retire.