Starting Humira today (& a whinge)

Well, finally having my first shot today! Shoulda been a while back but a very nasty foot infection requiring 2 lots of strong antibiotics and a particularly nasty foot 'squeezing'' session at the local hospital meant I couldn't have my live vaccinations which, of course, meant I couldn't have my Humira. Nothing is ever simple when you have PSA is it?? LOL- because, if you don't laugh, you cry & I am so OVER crying.

Trying to not pin all my hopes on this, but, after all my spectactular treatment failures, am feeling a bit desperate.... the pain gets worse every day, I can actually see the joint damage/deformity in my knees and foot. I used to have what I called a good knee (R) and a bad knee (L), now it's a bad knee and a fr#ken bad knee, and the foot!

I am keeping several doctors, nurses and pharmacy staff in my employment...

sacked my physio and have just employed a podiatrist,,,,

well, that's where all my $$ (and hubbys $$) go now so I figure they're my staff

On the positive side, I learn every day how to push the limits of my pain tolerance

I have discovered weird & nasty people tolerance !

I have found time to read all the books/watch the movies I never had time for when I had a busy, employed life

Have saved lots of $ I used to spend on shopping as I can no longer tolerate walking ( well, hobbling really) for more than about 15 mins. These saving come in handy to pay my previous mentioned 'staff''!

It's great that you have such a great sense of humor about all of this. I hope the Humira works for you.

I got prescribed Enbrel and then couldn't take it for months because of illness, further testing and such. It's certainly been a journey, but Enbrel does seem to be helping a lot.

I tend to use humour to counterbalance the negativity I am now feeling a fair bit of the time. When I allow myself to indulge the negativity I wallow in it and it's bad enough feeling the physical pain constantly without also feeling emotional pain. Not denial, but a strategy I find works for me. However, I take my condition very seriously.

I've enjoyed reading your posts nym and have found this website extremely supportive and encouraging. Some days tho, I find I can't read the posts on here (guess they're my denial days)

I still sometimes dream about being the old me again tho.......