Vacation News

We had a beautiful drive up to Pigeon Forge from FL. Here at our condo and it is lovely and right on the river.

Didn't do too bad riding because I could move around a little and switch positions. However when it was my turn to drive...almost didn't get out of the car. Oh well, we made it safely and I love the mountains so I am a happy camper right now.

Will keep in touch as I can.

Driving is the worst for me!!!

You did leave the iron at home right?? :-)

Good job, Alma! You drove, you made it, you're in the mountains. Now please take it easy! And enjoy those cool mountain breezes!

LOL, Lamb!

You are in a beautiful area, we love it there, so glad you made the trip and can now sit back and relax a bit. Keep a careful eye out for the 'wild life' there, and I'm not talking about the night clubs either!

Hope you have a great time!