Tuble ligation

has any one else been told they should have a tuble ligation. my doctor won't give me methotexate or humira until i do. I don't think this is right.

I do not think that is right either. Tubal ligation is a permanant birth control procedure. You need to decide of that is what you want for your stage of life. Personally I have had it done because I already have two children, with no desire for more.
But it is not a decision taken lightly. If you intend to have kids, the you cannot be taking mtx as it can cause major problems, I have no idea about humira, but I would not take the chance.
That’s my opinion for what it is worth. I believe only you can make that choice.

I would definitely get a second opinion....I don't think that they can force that on you. I am of childbearing age and my doctor certainly did not tell me to do that! Good luck to you.

My doctor requested that I went on birth control, but certainly not getting my tubes tied! That doesn't sound right at all, especially if you are of child bearing age or even if you just prefer not to have such a procedure done. I would find a new doctor.

I’m with Emma W, if you have any choice find a new doctor. Politely, I’d describe his refusal to provide treatment without getting your tubes tied highly inappropriate, bordering on negligent. There are plenty of effective birth control options that aren’t that extreme.

It is dangerous to get pregnant while on MTX and/or Humira, it is completely unethical to withhold a medical treatment from someone while "forcing" them into permanent, non reversable sterilization, when there are other, reversable forms of birth control that are available, that would work, such as IUD's, etc. I asked a friend of mine who is a doctor for their opinion on this, and he said that he was very suprised that a doctor would take that stand (withholding treatment until she got tubal ligation) as it is highly unethical, and could be reported to the medical board. That is just what he told me in Canada...may be different in other countries. I would definitely get another opinion...having said that, you certainly don't want to end up pregnant on those drugs, so an IUD plus barrier contraception would leave you adequately protected.