Topicals and whatever else for foot pain

I checked some past discussions, but I need some advice for getting relief from foot pain. It's the worst on the tops of my feet--a combination of hard pain and burning. It's caused by bones rubbing together where cartilage has disappeared.

I can't take many NSAids because they hurt my stomach. But I noticed some people use creams and patches. Are the prescription patches safe? Is there a prednisone cream? Do OTC creams actually help? I've used Salonpas patches and really can't say they help at all.

I would like some info before I talk with my doctor about what med(s) to use so I can get his opinion also on the different products. Sometimes my doctors have one or two meds to suggest, but when I mention other options, they are really receptive and typically have some other advice to add about a particular med.

For what you're describing, I would encourage you to use ice. I have voltaren gel, which is a topical anti-inflammatory, but you would need to check with your doctor still, as it is an NSAID. I find that it works well for some joints, but not as well for others. I usually give it a go.

You're already using lyrica, right? When you say burning, I'm wondering if this is nerve pain.

Thanks, Stoney. And, no, I don't take Lyrica. The burning is different than the burning I used to have from neuropathy on the bottoms of my feet. This burning reminds me of the heat resulting from rubbing two sticks together to start a fire. The more I walk, the more those bones rub together--I don't think that's neuropathy. I'll give voltaren gel a try--I'll message my doctor about it first.

You may need to get some imaging done. I'm also wondering, do you already wear custom orthotics? They can really do wonders in putting your feet into an improved position, making everything more comfortable.

I wish you luck. Foot pain really stinks.

I have had similar pain in my feet. And it is a different pain then the neuropathy for sure. I’ve been using a 10% Voltairin cream in my shoulder. It’s been great for my resent bought of pulled muscles/tendons

You can also get compounded creams with the NSAID that's in Voltaren, combined with lidocaine. It works ok and for a while it was cheaper for me.

Does Epsom Salt baths help you at all? If so, there is an over-the-counter lotion made by Morton called Epsom Lotion. I got it at Walmart and at a Walgreens. But, you can also find it onlne. I use it before bed at night and it helps me.