Tomorrw my first infusion

a little nervous. So much at stake. will infusion cause me to have a reaction, will it help my PsA & will it help my dementia. Will face tomorrow as I have many other things I fear. I will just do it. No thinking about it. Just do it, praying the whole time.....

Hey girlfriend,

This could be just what you have been needing! It may be the best treatment you could have ever expected, and you are right, just do it, because you owe it to yourself to give it a go! We will also be praying with you for good results!

Wishing you well!


Thank you so much SK, but I think here lately I am more freaked out about the dementia more then the PsA. I will update tomorrow after I get home.

The infusion itself is nothing to worry about. They hook you up to an IV and you set there for 2 hours. Like I've said before it sure did help me and I was in alot of pain before. It was my miracle drug! My prayers are with you toay!

How are you, Elizabeth? Hope all went well and that you feel better already! Let us know when you can!


Had my infusion this morning. It went well. Came home exhusted so I went to bed and slept for a couple of hours. When I woke up I was still tired so I tried to eat a little. Then my stomach hit me. I have been running to the bathroom ever since. Same effect the methotrexate had on me. My next infusion is in two weeks, I will see what happens then. Hopefully this won't last too long and is just a minor side effect. Thank you SK for your concern and remembering me. It means a lot to me. HUGS!!

A new treatment can be a challenge. Good for you for trying it out and keeping an open mind.

Liz I wish you the best. I am not sure that I want to go for the infusions myself. I feel like a human guinea pig now. I am taking so many meds ones to treat and some to calm the effects of the other meds. I know I been to the doc 40 times this years between ortho to rheuma not to mention the labs and family doc. This disease sucks.


Hi, really needing support right now. Thanks for welcoming me.