TMJ Acting Up

I have had TMJ for years, spent thousand on it 30 years ago with a specialty dentist, that did relieve the pain by modifying my bite, he just never put it back, so my teeth don’t actually seat, I guess now they actually push the jaw back in after the TMJ is corrected…
I don’t know if PsA flare is making it worse or this 8 month quarantine and to much clenching my teeth… It is of course accompanied by a earache and tension headaches. It makes it hard to eat much of anything hard, when I am fatigued or I should just say very tired, :grimacing: I will eat a “Kind” Bar for a meal, which has almonds and nuts, that is out, so is salad. I guess it is mush and soup, or I can blend up my salad and drink it, fun culinary delight! I can throw the buttered toast in the blender too… :weary:
I do have a night splint I have been wearing to help relax the jaw, hopefully the biologic increase might help if PsA is contributing.
Do many of you have TMJ problems?

PS seems like I do have something different every month? Except I don’t loose the other issues, just add to them! :cowboy_hat_face:


Yes, I completely understand the something new all the time issue . Yes I have tmj. I did a whole lot of research on night splints and all that other stuff. I ultimately did not see anybody on it. Too much of the treatment sounds like a scam honestly. Ultimately I adjusted my diet and go easy on my job when it is flaring up. So for example I never bite into an apple I never have carrots that aren’t sliced up into thin slices, etc. I need to make sure that I don’t open my mouth super wide for things like bagels and whatnot, so that isn’t just not a regular food in my house. Generally speaking it stays down at the level where I know that it’s there, but it hasn’t announced itself loudly for a stretch now.

I hope you can get some relief, because it’s pretty awful when it’s flared up.


I got TMJ problems a few years ago, went and got the super-expensive splint (Insurance paid, but I lost the time with the mucking about), and it was next to useless because it was so tight it kept me awake. Agree with Stoney, maybe it helps some people, but to me it was a scam.

Later, I discovered two things; my TMJ had bugger-all to do with my night teeth grinding, and a cheapie splint from my local dentist was waaaay better to prevent grinding and tooth damage.

Whilst it is not likely to be your case, my TMJ seemed to have been due to irritation of nerves in my head as a reaction to Humira. There was a constellation of other wierd symptoms with that.

I imagine it is also a place PsA could set in.

I know it’s hard when things just keep adding on. I’ve been getting chronic hives all over my face for the last year (yes, I look a walking allergic reaction), but until now they’ve largely not been itchy or sore. Now they’ve started to sting. There’s only so much one can ignore :confused:


The “night guard” I have now was made by my current dentist, I have always used these, but only when the TMJ flared. Actually the treatment I had 30+ years ago was stabilized the problem For a good 20 years, what happened, the dentist that fixed it, put in a crown that was real high to set the jaw in the right place, the crown failed, the new dentist, thought it was a mistake, and made a normal height crown, disaster! It was like my world came apart that night after it was fitted… He tried to build it up with composite, but was never the same, so I lost the stability of the jaw. Maybe someday when I get another crown I will get the dentist to make it the right length!

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If I have a really bad flare, it will make my jaws hurt like TMJ. Before I was diagnosed, I spent a lot of time with the dentist. He would do full mouth x-rays and tell me it wasn’t TMJ or anything structural he could see. When I first met my Rheume and I told him about the jaw pain, he just said “Yep.”


I double my dose of Cosentyx Monday, so hopefully it will help the TMJ pain…


Jon, I definitely believe that TMJ and PsA can be related. In my case, I’m pretty sure it was PsA that settled in my TMJ. My rheume didn’t want to entertain the idea that they might be related, but my husband and I ( and my oral surgeon) had a different opinion. Long story short, 4 jaw surgeries later and subsequent nerve damage, I no longer have a TMJ (the joint was removed) but I am left with constant nerve pain in my mouth and face. I hope your pain is relieved by using these splints and other non-surgical means. And hopefully the meds will be effective. If surgery is ever recommended, I would get a second, third, fourth and fifth opinion. Too often surgery does more harm than good. Praying your situation improves quickly for you!


Hi Jon,
OF all my symptoms the TMJ is the most painful. When I get it these days I am on soft, if not liquid, foods for days. Have heard of others trying these dental treatments with no success. I find that if the PsA is controlled then TMJ is not a problem for me. When on adalimumab i didn’t have it for over a year but as it gave me headaches I stopped and the TMJ was back with a vengeance - swollen face and all. I can get it on either side of my face. So I am convinced this is a PsA thing and if you control one you control the other.


It has gotten a little better after my Cosentyx shots yesterday, so hopefully it will help. I hope both of you get some relief!
It is one of the most powerful muscles, and can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Mine started actually in my 20’s come to think of it, I thought it was due to a wisdom tooth that was pulled, that had a hook around my jaw, the dentist mis-aligned my right jawbone. Probably the worst pain I ever felt when he tried to pul my jaw out of my mouth… Meanwhile the assistant was ranting, “I hate extractions, I hate extractions!” Then when he backed it out like a fish hook, she said, do you want me to drill a hole in it so you can wear it around your neck?" Never forger those two idiots… :roll_eyes:


Hi Jon, I have TMJ as well. I had night guards from my dentist but, after a month or two it did not relieve my pain. Due to my small jaw and info from my dentist that our teeth are always moving, I decided on Invisalign. Mind you, I had braces as a kid so I this wasn’t an easy decision not to mention the cost. I was pain free in less than 4 weeks. As soon as my teeth/jaw began to shift and I haven’t had any pain since. It’s been about 2 years and I make sure to wear the retainer as our teeth are moving all the time! I hope this helps.

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I am also having jaw pain and clenching. I went to see my dentist and they recommended an at home sleep study. No sleep apnea was found but they wanted me to buy a sleep apnea machine anyway. $2500! No thanks.
I bought a night guard from Amazon and I hope that helps with some of the nighttime clenching.

I saw my rheumatologist today and he agreed that it’s just inflammation. Gave me a stronger anti-inflammatory until the flare calms down. Seems to come about because of stress over the holidays my grandfather in the hospital.

Hope you find some relief soon!

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I am having a TMJ flare that is affecting my neck and shoulder. Tension headaches, etc. Anyone else have the TMJ affect the rest of the body as well!

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I am sad to hear you are having TMJ issues. Mine does keep me up at night which effects most of my body the next day. Sadly my dentist hasnt been able to help much since she is not familiar with PsA or inflammation related diseases.
I will say that having a massage twice a month has really helped. She also massages my jaw, head, neck, and shoulders. I highly recommend it.