This is what i know now

I know I'm persistent folks. i am famous for it - but I keep coming back here to report to you what I am doing- and why i believe it is working - at least partially. I started this about March of this year- I was in a bad place.

After 7 years or so, maybe six and a half, on Humira things had got worse than ever. The really bad flare inFebruary had me bed ridden, and taking high doses of Naproxen and codeine etc on top of my Humira the third anti tnf - adalimumab. Like all of us, unless we are very wealthy, we only get a shot at the biologics if we have had a decent shot at the other DMARDS - so called disease modifying agents. They are amazing - and sometimes they work for you for a while, as mine did. When I had my first shot of Humira back around early2006 it prompted a big lifestyle change for me- we left our the small town of Kenilworth and moved to the country, to a village in Devon , where I could keep chickens , horses and sheep. This was because I knew it was such an opportunity , this well being, and I knew it might not last forever.

I worked again- full time - setting up a literacy project in a town about an hour's drive away . That was how well I was ! I took up the sheep thing - and did all the lambing and stuff - with my family . But gradually , I got worse- the fatigue, and stiffness . Some was osteoarthritis from the damage to my joints - I could not walk up and down the steep hills after a while. But the sense of being better was amazing anyway - to have the confidence to do this move with two kids . Bearing in mind too my husband works away for 6 weeks in various places - the Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, and atm Angola. But life moves on - our kids are relatively independent - aged 18 and 19 - and I stopped working outside the home when my husband went self employed so I could help with that.

This year, 2012, when I was in that dark place of a massive flare I came looking to this place, looking for hope, and finding it in fellowship, but I was thinking so far out of the box by then - I wanted cures. It seemed I had the best of medicine and I knew how rocky that road was and was debating the next biologic. But I was so ill. My gp told me I had a choice, hospital or a steroid injection. The rheumatologist was in disagreement about the steroid injection as it so messes up the blood tests it takes ages to see what is happening, and he knew he wouldnt be able to prescribe the next biologic for several months without some serious disease activity evidence. It was an interesting place. I had the steroid and resolved to do more than ever to take control once I had the relief. I spent the next three months researching - from morning till night - 2 or 3 am - reading, thinking - I bought a shed load of books and articles from Amazon- which I still havent disclosed quite to my husband. But actually he doesn't care now - as he is amazed by the result.

So now, September and I am still drug free, with a huge lifestyle change. I was always trying to exercise - now it doesnt hurt at all. its the food that is different. Coconut oil, high fat , low carb 50g pretty much carb a day, no grain, no legumes ( apart from saturday's experiment with the scotch egg which proved its not just the carbs- the wheat sets it off big time as did the glass of beer!) and I am absolutely brilliant. In control, and sure that if you can identify your triggers, and avoid them, by doing an elimination diet, and then stick to low carb , high sat fat , no omega 6 !!! etc you can massively reduce your inflammation for most of the time. I did the coconut oil in hot water, tuna salad and beef broth for supper last night, And amazingly I am absolutely great again today. A whole day feeling like **** after one tiny bit of breadcrumb on a beautiful scoth egg from my local farm shop where I buy grass fed beef , liver etc mmmmm

Don't give up on your body's ability to heal itself, it really will do its best xxx