The Science of fasting doc

Hi @letizia! I took a quick look at the video. I was wondering whether this is something that you do? Do your follow a dating regimen and if so, what does it look like for you? Do you notice that it has an impact on your health.

By the way, I would much rather see a link to an article than a video. I’ve seen too many videos lately that are presented as research, but are really just an opinion. And it’s SO much easier to see references and whatnot for an article.

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Hello @Stoney. One of the scientists, operating in California, I saw on this documentary was someone I had come across while researching scientific work for television book interviews from leading scientists and researchers to propose for my network. Yes found great benefit with extended fasting a couple years ago, following a dramatic situation in which medication was not working . If you had looked at the documentary until the end, you would have noticed also cutting edge discoveries on combining fasting with chemotherapy for example , a technique recently followed in the U.S. by an elderly Supreme Court Judge to help with her health together with treatment. As a cancer survivor, I also found it interesting. Many ailments, including arthritis, are being treated in some countries with this technique. I am yes in a sense a testimonial of beneficial result of fasting , consider it one of effective additional therapies which can help with our condition and various health issues, although amongst most startling effects felt was change of diet. I found this documentary , with interviews to leading scientists and footage to illustrate, a traditional news inquest worthy of other BBC and European and Us networks which have worked on in the past, certainly as authoritative as any print counterpart. Hope someone may find some benefits as I have, all the best to everyone,

Thank you for sharing your experiences with this.

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