I talked to a friend that I learned had PsA. He was diagnosed a few years before I was. He was in severe pain at an 8 or 9. He had built up a tolerance to MTX rather quickly. When he had enough he tried a total fast. His goal was 8 days but he only made it 6. He said after the fast and is still almost two years later his pain is at a 2 when he flares and is manageable with aleve. Has anyone else tried or thought about trying this?

Firstly the MX did me no good, had a bad reaction and was put on Enbrel, seems to be making a difference to me. I don't know about the withdrawl, fast, and no pain. This is relatively unheard of, at least to me. It could cause you a big set back and complicate things for you. I would not do anything before discussing this with your Dr.

Fasting for a day or so is like a system re-boot. Fasting for more than a few is downright dangerous. I know someone who fasted like this a few times a year for religious and weight reasons. She is now suffering hair loss, bone loss, is very overweight, is weak and fatigued, and has other health problems. I can barely recognize her. She is having difficulty in healing from a broken bone.

Many people with auto-immune issues have mineral and vitamin deficiencies to begin with. I think that extended fasting would make this worse. It is something you should discuss with a qualified dietician/nutritionist or doctor. There are too many factors that can muddy the waters with this.

There is a guy poking around several arthritis sites talking about the fast. He also talks about how the meds are really what caused his problems..... Several have taken off on what they have read, without realizing the posts ultimatley hve links to a sight in OZ that for a few "easy payments" will take you through a diet and antibiotic program that will all but cure you. Jade is right, it is dangerous. A day or so may reset, it may not. Funny thing about extreme diets that lead to malnutrition, they work. As the body goes into starvation, it produces huge amounts of endorphins which cause a euphoria that makes you feel better. Of course whats really happening is its getting ready to die. Some good drugs will do the same. Both are addicting. Recent studies are finding this addicting "rush" is a big part of Annorexia. Equally effective is the old finger down the throat trick. I was taught it in ranger school. It gets rid of pain quickley. The body occasionally will do it on its own if the pain is bad enough. Its quicker than a fast.

Now I know there may be a few saying lamb is trying to be funny. But I'm not. My big sister had this diseas (as did ny mother-they were Dx with Ankylosing Spondylitis) Now granted my sister as she fused up (and in a disfiguring way) didn't make the best choice after being totally relegated to chair, by using large amounts of bouban ( cheap bourban at that for which I'm still mad) to take her MTX. But when they took the MTX and booze away purging and fasting is exactly how she controlled her pain. It worked. Except the cause of death on her death certificate was MALNUTRITION.

There are a few folks showing up on various sites like these promoting extreme diets fasting antibiotics and more. Some innocent, others are associated with a group out of Australia who have a weight control program too. (they will lighten your wallet) All of them wind my clock too tight. An occasional "reset" as Jade suggests is one thing (fresh pinapple to break the fast really helps) and healthy choices, gluten free low carb etc are helpful too. But this other stuff.........