Thank Goodness for kids

There are days when I would rather not.

Rather not get out of bed, rather not bother.

But I have two kids, an 8 year old and a 3 year old. And for them I have to - even when I would rather not. They are sometimes the ONLY reason I get out of bed. To feed them breakfast, to make a lunch for school. To look after them. Even when there are days that I'd rather not, beacuse of the pain, because of the tiredness.

Because of them, I am still active. I still function, I "maintain the rage" that keeps me going. For them I struggle thought the bad days in the hope that there will be less painful days in my future. I wish I could hope for pain-free days. But I am not certain that can ever happen.

Louise I found once I got up and got busy my pain seemed less and hot water in the sink etc helped me move on. I spent a year in bed carrying my second son due to my chronic diseases and I had to learn how to find ways to deal. Found most meds made me less able to do what I needed to do. How ever Asulfadine and mild pain med. later in life got me through the worse in the morning or at night and they busyness kept me going. I wish I had learned more about excercise back then but repetition has always caused me problems so not sure it would have helped. /enjoying your children is special. aw

Kids and pets too here Louise :)

See my blog post for you Louise. I wish you hope for many, many pain free days.

Louise, I am so hearing you. I am a mother of 4 young kids (14mths, 3 yo, 6yo and 7yo) and even though this only started 7 wks ago for me it is definately my kids that get me out of bed each morning no matter how painful my feet are and how slowly I am walking. My hub by is away with work often, so it is up to me. In some ways the kids are my savior to try and ignore the pain! It works some days and others it doesn’t. Keep your chin up and I hope more pain free days are coming your way.