TB skin test positive and biologics

Has anyone tested positive for TB with a skin test? I tested negative with the blood test and clear chest x-ray but even so in order for me to go back on biologics I will have to take antibiotics for 9 months

Aloha! I never tested posative for TB but curious why they did additional skin testing? Never heard of that before, is there something else going on?

I only had one skin test but I requested the secondary blood test because I felt that the initial skin test was read wrong.

It is my understanding that all positive skin tests, even with negative blood test, require the 9 month protocol for latent tb. A negative blood test doesn't completely rule out latent tb, it just means it's not likely. It's one of those better safe than sorry things that is crappy when you need to go back on biologics.

I have to go for a skin test and chest film today because my quantiferon TB test came back "inconclusive". Goody.