Talk to me about Fosamax, I'll be starting it soon!

In spite years of HRT and high daily doses of Pharmaceutical grade cal cit/mag/D3, Osteopenia is my latest dx. I have so many friends who have suffered femur fractures, could it be attributed to the Fosamax/Prolia or are there other factors involved.

BTW I do not tolerate steroids, so that will not be a factor for me.

Just a bit paranoid about it!

Hi SK,

I was diagnosed with Osteopenia a few years ago and when I started seeing a rheumy he looked at my test results and he said it was impossible to determine if I had osteopenia because of the type of test that was done. So, he ordered a DEXA bone scan and it came back normal. Just throwing that out there to ensure you were tested correctly.

I had that bone scan done, it was what gave the dx Thanks Frances, glad you don't have it!