Taking Arava with Remicade?

Saw my Rheumy today. He indicated that he would like me to start taking Arava with along with my existing Remicade infusions. I tried MTX in the past but was unable to function normally on it (extreme fatigue and some flu-like symptoms). I don't like meds in the first place and would prefer not to take more drugs than I am now. Along with Remicade I'm taking 15mg of Meloxicam and 1mg of Folic Acid daily. Are any of you doing Arava and Remicade together? If so, what has been your experience.

I'm not doing Arava and remicade, but Arava and plaquenil. I have found it to work way better for me than MTX. They are in the same class, but one may work better for you, so it is likely worthwhile to try it out.

I'm taking Arava with Enbrel. I couldn't tolerate MTX at all, but find Arava to be milder in side affects (for me, personally), and it definitely helps.