Living with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

Tai Chi Feet

If you watch people doing Tai Chi it can look as if nothing much is happening with the feet, and indeed it’s not complex, but the careful way of stepping, oft repeated, gives my feet a gentle work-out that helps considerably with any pain. This video explains a few principles and shows them in action.


I’m going to give it a try this weekend, but I’m terribly clumsy and probably won’t be able to do it right–but I’ll TRY! I know I don’t have plantar fasciitis or bone spurs, but maybe it can help strengthen my arches and minimize the pain. :slight_smile:

In China ancient people do Tai Chi, not just spring chickens like us! It’s designed to keep anyone & everyone moving so clumsy efforts don’t matter one jot, it’s just about doing it. One of the best instructors I’ve met has Parkinson’s disease. I know the chap in the video mentions certain specific problems but that’s just his particular focus. If you can get into a rhythm, no matter how clumsy, wobbly and generally unsatisfactory it feels, you may see some relief quite quickly. It would be great if so.

I’m working on it right now! I have the stance down (standing slightly pigeon-toed). I’m getting the first maneuver with quite a bit of teetering when I move my right leg. I can definitely see how this could help my feet…a lot of the emphasis seems to be on the outside rather than inside of the feet, so my weak arches are forced to stay up.

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