Synvisc injections

Hi to all. I’ve been currently considering synvisc injections for my knee for my PsA and would like to hear some feedback from anyone who has already had the injections or has done research on this topic. I was diagnosed for 20 years with PsA and am currently on enbrel and indocin. Thanks for any input…

My knees deteriorated rather quickly, from a bit achy to needing replacement within five years. The assumption was that it was osteoarthritis. I was only diagnosed with PsA last fall, and my rheumatologist suggested then that my knees may have been destroyed, in fact, by PsA. Who knows ... and at this point, it's a moot point.

But anyway. Knees. Yes, I had Synvisc and it worked well, at least in the moderately severe phase. I got three or four months of comfort from a shot. Later, when the joints were really bad, it didn't help enough.

I'd say give it a try. Before I had it done, I was pretty squeamish about it, just the thought of having a needle stuck in my knee! But it's not bad at all: when my doc did it, she injected some anesthetic along with the synvisc. The procedure wasn't particularly painful, and the inside of my knee was completely frozen (and sooooooo comfortable!) for several hours after.

Did that a couple of times. When the synvisc didn't help any more, I knew it was time to have the big job done.

Good luck with this!