Has anyone tried Synvisc-one injections for knee pain... And what were your results?

I am researching Synvisc-one gel injections. My Rheumy wants me to do it as my PsA is being complicated by my OA. I am wondering if anyone here has had the injections and what was your experience?

If your rheumy is suggesting them for OA, then that’s fine. Some folks see great results. However; to my knowledge, synvisc is not indicated for PsA. You need to know what’s going on in there first!

Here's a question for you. I know that synvisc is used for OA. Haven't used it myself. But my question is, can't PsA set the stage for OA? So is your disease under good control? Not that you shouldn't try this out if indicated, but just wondering if everything else is under sufficient control.

I have tried it and it did not work. I had more pain from that than before I had it and I also got a rash which was reported to the company. But do not pin your decision on me, you need to do your research and see what is best for you. What other meds are you taking?

I had knee pain that no one (rheumy, knee specialist, etc) could figure out. We finally gave Synvisc a try. It helped me for 6 mo, about 80%. Needed another injection in 6 mo, and after that my knee didn't need it anymore.

In my case, docs assumed there was some tiny bit of soft tissue getting caught randomly, causing agonizing pain. The Synvisc gave my knee joint a little more space and fluid to work with. Somehow it gave my body the space to work on the problem, and resolved it. I've never had the same exact type of pain again.

Obviously, my situation is unique. But I wanted to share what I experienced. I had no side effects at all, other than feeling like I was walking on wobbly Jello in my knee for a week.

Thank you for your input.
My Rheumy feels the same way. There is something in my knees causing this unusual pain. Your experience was quite helpful. I’ll continue to post as I undertake this GEL JOURNEY… In hopes of informing others.THANK YOU TO EVERYONE ELSE WHO HAS RESPONDED AS WELL!!!
I appreciate the info/ perspectives that you have shared. This all helps when trying to find new paths to pursue with PsA.

I have had the synvisc-one gel injections. No rash/swelling/pain/etc.
The injections were painless and I have only one little nickel sized bruise on one knee.
Wonderful. My knees ha e not been able to support me to even walk through the grocery store for 3 years.
I went hiking to a favorite fishing spot the very next day… No pain just a feeling of stiffness. I have WALKED a 1/2 mile each evening since… A few twinges here and there but NOTHING like pre- injections and I’m still in the first few days. My Rheumy says OA and PsA can co- exist . Research I have read confirms as well. What I am waiting for is the usual bi- monthly FLARE-UP of PsA and my knees. It will be interesting to compare the mobility/ pain/ swelling I experience . Will there be a change? The same? I’ll let you know. Keep positive, friends. We have PsA … It doesn’t HAVE us!

That is great news Jean!!!