Symponi infusion, now a second med

I started Symponi infusions every 2 months last May after a decent 3 year run on Remacaide. In 8 years of dealing with Psa I have never been pain free. So NP wants to add oral Plaquenil to my regimen. Getting baseline eye tests now… hoping this may be the answer. Has anyone else tried it?

I used to Plaquenil for a number of years. It did what I needed it to and the big thing that it helps was with my fatigue. I was using it as a solo therapy with an anti-inflammatory and over time I needed something more. So I am no longer on it. I’m glad that you’ll be doing the Baseline eye test. I used Plaquenil for approximately 5 years with no issues but it does require that yearly eye test

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Wow! Plaquenil helped with fatigue - that’s my main symptom. I’m going to ask my rheumy to add it to my treatment. Thanks for posting this info Stoney!

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I tried Simponi, it work very well for me. For me, it stopped working for me after 2yrs. My PSa has been very aggressive in nature, the med just stopped working for me. It worked well, until my body, stopped allowing it to work. Great med!!!