Swollen feet?

I have only been diagnosed since the beginning of the year and thus far have only had problems in my knees, shoulder, elbow, hand and wrist. Last night while visiting my family my feet and lower legs became very swollen. They felt like they did when I was 8 months pregnant. They were better this morning after sleeping, but I can feel they are beginning to swell again. My question is if this a normal progression of the disease or is something else going on? Any thoughts are welcome.

When this happened to me it was the early signs of a flare-up starting in my knees. As swelling in the lower legs can be indicative of other things going on I'd say it's worth a call to your docs.

Could be a flare, or maybe something more serious. I would call the on call nurse and see what they suggest.

Swollen feet and lower legs can be something more serious, as the others say, so though it may just be a flare (I’ve not had that experience), you should get it checked with your doc before dismissing it as such.

Thanks for the responses. My legs and feet were not swollen today, but very painful. I did contact my doctor and he believes it is one of two things. 1: water retention from drinking lots more soda (I usually only have one or two a day) over the weekend or 2: a flare. He had me increase one of my meds to see if it would help.

I get swollen feet and ankles but it isn't edema, I don't have any "pitting"....I have never had the sausage digits, but it feels like my feet and toes just throb and ache, almost like I can feel my pulse in them. It is super annoying when I am trying to get to sleep. Do any of you have that going on ?

My toes and feet feel exactly like that. Aching and throbbing.

I have been battling this for the past few months also. My ankle swells and my calves become very tight, especially when I am at work. I also was afraid because I know this can be a fluid retention/heart symptom, but noticed that it is not "pitting" edema that would normally be associated with this type of problem. This is new for me, up until this point I have only had widespread tendonitis/tenosynovitis in both feet. I would be curious what any of you have found out about this.

I have had it for years and it is not my heart. It is worse in hot weather but can just balloon at any time. I wear my biggest shoes, a full size larger than my usual and keep my feet elevated. I also increase my water consumption and soak them in hot water. Sometimes I take Tylenol for the pain (in addition to my twice daily NASID).

The swelling was not "pitting" edema so probably not a heart thing. The swelling is gone, now I just have throbbing, aching feet. My thumb, wrist and elbow have also started feeling worse today. He is having me take my nsaid twice daily and increased the dose but hasn't changed any other meds.. Hopefully this will help.

Does anyone have burning feet? I was just dx last month by my GP and awaiting my Rheum visit at the end of Aug. My feet ache during the day and every time I get up from my desk, it feels like my feet have been replaced by planks of wood. They get so stiff and sore, very similar to that first step out of bed where I feel like I have 2 broken feet. At night is the absolute worst as the burning and aching is just terrible!!

I'm on Gabapentin now but that's it. I guess I have neuropathy in my feet too. Is that normal with a flare? It freaked out my doc when she was doing the pin prick test and many spots of one foot had no feeling. I don't get tingling just the burning and aching. My toes will swell randomly, hands will ache and some days my heels and ankles will be very painful, red and swollen. My eyes have also been sore (especially in the morning) and very sensitive to light.

I've had psoriasis since I was 6 yrs old but this is the first time something like this has ever happened. Now I'm starting to wonder if the "frozen shoulder" I have been battling the past couple of years is also a result of the odd disorder.

Do these issues sound in line with a normal flare? And how long do I expect this to last?? I'm hoping it disappears as quickly as it started, I'm starting to get tired of the battle each day and sick of wondering what I'm going to wake up to...