Another "Anyone else have..." question--swelling legs

I am getting swelling legs. They actually feel tight. Lots of edema around my ankles. They also feel heavy. Went to a vein doctor; I figured the valves in my legs were shot. He agreed until he did the sonogram. My veins are fine. Family doc tweaked some meds and I thought we had it licked, but here we go again. The extra fluid in my legs causes pressure against my joints and you would not believe…pain. My poor toes really hurt tonight. And my right ankle is seriously trying to make me stumble, it hurts to walk on it so much. Does anyone else ever deal with this?

Oh yea, mostly the right leg. All I can say is elevate it if you can. Wiggle & stretch the toes too. I sympathize.

I get horrible edema when I travel someplace warm but have always figured it was just due to the heat. Quite accidentally I figured out holding the bottoms of my feet to a whirl pool jet for a few minutes clears it right up…but it does come back within a few hours. If you have edema you should have your kidneys checked. All the different meds can be hard on the kidneys. The problem is trying to figure out if the swelling is edema or from the arthritis. Edema is squishy… When you press it you can feel the fluid leaving the tissues and it leaves a dent for a minute or so. Also edema doesn’t really hurt…just tight and uncomfortable. If it dents in you should deffinately get your kidneys checked (urinalysis). Hope you feel better soon!


I had this about 12 months ago when going through a bad flareup. The high inflammation was affecting my heart rate and when this was treated with a beta blocker the swelling went away. When the inflammation was under control I no longer needed the beta blocker. However as my condition gets slowly worse I have had it again a few times and I now take the betablocker daily.

Pain, anxiety, lack of sleep and all the delights of this disease must place a big strain on the heart so it might be worth getting it checked. Especially if your ribs are inflamed.

Sorry to hear about the swelling. I was going through a very similar episode right before taking Meloxicam. There were some days I wasn’t sure if I was going to get my shoes on. It was really freaking me out. After a couple of weeks on my meds the swelling started going away. Mine was directly related to the PSA, but after listening to some of the others experiences, sounds like there could be other related causes. Hope you find the right course of treatment.

Thank you all for your responses. The swelling does seem to come and go, and it is much worse usually in the warmer months. Odd for it to kick up at this time of the year. All the anti-inflammatories seem to exacerbate it,as do most of the blood pressure meds I have been prescribed. <sigh> More fun from Uncle Arthur. Thanks again for your replies; at least I know I’m not alone out here!

Hi everyone i am a newbie i have swollen thighs cant get into any of my jeans is this a normal sypmtom

Hi Calamity Jane!

This is a fairly historic discussion but I can see why you revived it. If I had swollen thighs I'd want to know what on earth was going on too. You may find that the folk on this thread don't get back to you, hopefully because since 2011 they've found treatment that works well and are so busy getting on with their lives that they've forgotten all about us!

I have had swelling that extends upwards from the knee when knees were very swollen, but I don't think that's what you're talking about(?) It may be that people come along who do have this symptom and can offer reassuring explanations but even so I reckon you deserve an explanation from a doctor. Your GP might help but personally I'd have no hesitation in phoning my rheumy department and letting them know that I need to understand 'weird' symptoms in order not to worry. And also I'd want to check out that this symptom was currently being effectively treated, if possible. After all, new jeans are expensive.

Calamity Jane said:

Hi everyone i am a newbie i have swollen thighs cant get into any of my jeans is this a normal sypmtom

I believe inflammation can effect many places. My pants leave marks sometimes on my calves. I also get sock and bra indents from being inflammed. I bet you can be inflammed there.