Surgery and Being on Remicade and Methotrexate!

Hi Everyone ! I apologize for not being on in so long !!! I have been a PsA patient for 4 years now. I am on Remicade every 4 weeks and Methotrexate 6 pills every sunday . I had an awful day yesterday , I took my entire dose all at once , latley I have been doing 3 in the am and 3 in the pm. I get awful headaches . and I think the heat has been effecting me big time . Anyway. Back in 99 and in 05 I had 2 very serious major surgeries on my esophagus . They were called Laproscopic Nissen Fundoplications . I had such Severe Relflux and hiatial hernia that I could barley eat or swallow any food or water . Well the surgery is coming apart again and I am now facing another very scary surgery yet again !! The scary part is I am always weak as it is being on remicade and MTX and I know i am facing a scary and long road soon.. Has anyone else faced this issue ? Has anyone else endured a major surgery while on this similar regimen ?? I may have to be cut up the abdomen this time. I am very very scared this time around ... please , any feedback is great . Also any feedback on the MTX is great also !

Dear Ashly,

Welcome back, glad to have you. I am very sorry that I cannot give you any similar situations, but it sounds like you have some good Doctors to take care of you.

I do have a hiatal hernia that can kick up and bother me, but have never had surgery for it. I do know that diet can affect it. Spicy foods can really kick it into high gear, so I have to pass on the hot sauce! Caffeine can kick it up too, and wearing a bra can really aggravate the area.

I am pretty sure that there are others who will respond to this, who have gone off the biologics for surgery, and then returned back to treatment afterward.

You can talk to me anytime, and the group will support you in any way. Please stay strong and positive that things will turn out well. Make sure your Rheumatologist is kept in the loop.

My prayers are with you,


Hi !! Thank you for replying ! Yes hiatial hernias are no fun !! Sadly the past surgeries are not working and the fundoplication is literally coming apart !!! in laments terms , my stomach is tied around my esophagus and its coming apart again. I go to the best of the best hospitals in Boston , so I have all the faith in the world that I will be ok !! And I love this website and I am so glad to be back on here !!!

Just stay strong, and positive that this will be 'the charm'!

Hi Ashly,

I do flare more in the summer, than winter. Heat, humidity do not agree with me.

I'm currently on Remicade and Mtx, since 15 months ago..Before that it was Enbrel, Humira, Rituxan..always mtx with them

I have gone through some major surgeries , while on biologics and mtx...Last ankle fusion was in 2000, then i got 3 knee replacements, and a massive abdominal hernia..those are the big ones, while on biologics

It was up to my rheummy, who the surgeons had me ask, about my meds. I don't remember exactly how they had me stop the meds..last knee replacement was 2007..something like stopping the biologic first, maybe couple weeks before, and he told me when to resume mtx..I know Remicade a bit differant...but ask the rheummy

....Hope i don't need anymore surgeries yet!...LOL

Thank you so much for the input ! I cant imagine myself on the MTX and having this awful surgery again !!! its crazy !!! Its been a long journey for me but Im forever greatful for this website !!! I love the fact that I have other people to talk to who are going thru what I am !! Thanks again for the input !