Super Exhaustion

Well my exams are all over and I am off until the 6th of January. Yippee!!!
I have been keeping as active as I can, rearranging the home around a bit and also I have been using some free weights sparingly. Baby steps but steps non the less. Also been trying to maintain a good walking regime, which my dog loves.
I’ve only really had my dull aches for the last two weeks, which has been a very welcomed changes. I can deal with it. I have however, been so exhausted, even more than usual.
I have been sleeping for the longest time during the day, and having trouble getting out of “the sleep zone”. I think I am awake but am really still sleeping, or want to wake up but am paralyzed. It’s so weird.
Maybe something is keeping me up at night? Or from getting a restful sleep?
Still no word from the rhuemy. I’m kind of beyond caring right now, everytime I call my appointment gets pushed back further and further. Kind have given up in that aspect. Overall I’ve been doing pretty well. So happy to have this semester over and done with! Onto the new semester and new year!!

I find after a long sustained mental and/or physical effort my body goes “splat” I sleep like the dead, cant seem to get going. I’ve often pushed myself to try to get through it but was firmly told by my partner to let my body and mind rest and recuperate.
I space my annual leave out through the year just for this reason.
Could this be the same for you? You’ve had all your exams and studying, a big long sustained effort. Now you can relax and let go, your body has gone (as I call it) Splat!

Hey Meg, reading your description reminded me of how I felt before I went on Enbrel. No matter what I did during the day (busy or not) I slept the sleep of the dead. Not a restful or refreshing sleep: I used to describe it to the doctor as “I close my eyes and go unconscious”. She didn’t think that was a problem, but now that I sleep properly again, I know that what happened before was abnormal sleep.
The other thing I would have is this feeling of waking up in a shell. My brain was half awake, but I couldn’t move, I would lie there kind of paralyzed for ages before I could summon the energy to get up. That too changed (along with my terrible depression) when I went on the biologic.
I’m so sorry that you are not getting rheumy help sooner. It’s one of the really big frustrations of our health care system.
Take care and take lots of rest over the holidays!

I agree with Seenie and Louise.

Just rest, as much as, and however, you can. Coming off a sustained stress (schooling), your body will just hit the wall and be done at some point. Catch up on your rest!!