Started Methotrexate

I started treatment yesterday. I take three 2.5mg of Methotrexate weekly. I also take Folic Acid every day except the day I take the Methotrexate. It made me really sleepy and I still have this dull headache. Last night I broke out in a fine red rash on my hands and lower arms. What else can I expect ? Does this stuff work ?

For some people it does work. But you need to call your rheumy & tell him the reaction you are having., Maybe you are allergic or need the dose adjusted.

I would be concerned about the rash and definitely let your doctor know about it. You might indeed have an allergy to it if you are having a rash at 3 tablets. The headache is kind of to be expected for most people anyway.

It works for some people. I have been on it for three months now and have not had a positive response yet,but am still hopeful that it will work. I am at 20 mg per week (8 tablets).

Good luck, and be sure to let the doctor know about the rash.

I have been on it for 7 weeks now. Always have a slight headache the next day and no appetite. tried to increase from 4 tab to 5 and developed mouthsores. Went back to 4 and dr increased folic acid. I really feel ok on it. But really no significant improvements yet. I am hoping another 4 weeks makes a difference. Side effects do lessen as the weeks go on. I am just hoping I see some improvement in the swelling if my fingers. Good luck!

It takes 12 weeks to see if this medicine works. Need to inform the dr about the rash though.

Thank-you for all the information. By Sunday I looked like a giant strawberry. I couldn't get a hold of my rheumy so I called my GP, by the time I got to the ER my eyes were swelling shut and the back of my mouth was all itchy. I saw my rheumy Monday. Once we were able to rule out any other cause he said that I was allergic to the Methotrexate and we weren't going to be able to use it. He switched me to Humira. I really like him and his staff. But he is over an hour away and when I don't feel good the car ride is awful. His phone system is sometimes very confusing. He doesn't have email. His PA showed my how to inject and is getting the insurance set up. The front desk patiently explained what option to use to contact him after hours. It's just all so new and I feel overwhelmed. I still have a few weeks before I return to teaching so I'm hoping things settle down.

WOW, what a horrible experience that allergy must have been. Glad you got it looked after though, and at least you have gotten on to some treatment right away. That is good news. I hope things settle down for you quickly, seems like it was very stressful for you.

Good luck to you.