I have been dealing with psoriasis on 95% of my body. I’m going to post some pictures soon. And arteries in about 70% of my joints. after trying pregdezone,MTX, Humara and having no success, my dermatologist prescribed me stalara all I can say is wow, with in two weeks I noticed a massive diffrance. over half of my psoriasis was going away. with in five weeks all my psoriasis was going away i thought all i had to deal with was the major scaring. and over 50% of my joint pain was gone but how the doses works is u get one needle. (I’m on 90mil) then 30 days later u get another. then after that u get one every 3 months which is great because I did the Humara injections every week. I felts great the only problem with the medication is that after the second needle u have to wait and do one every 3 months. after about the 2ed month then everything started coming back. I got my needle 4 weeks later and the joint pain got a bit better but the psoriasis stayed the same now my Rheumatologist wants to switch me to Embrol needless to say I’m afraid to leave somthing that works so well for the most part.

Are they willing/able to adjust the timing of the medication? Or do they think that it's not working for you any longer?