Back In The Gap... Switching to Enbrel

Hello everyone.

After a long "try" on Stelara and I long talk with my rhemy, I am switching to enbrel. I am glad, though I bit reserved. Stelara only worked the first 4 weeks after each shot. I am hoping for better results with enbrel. I'm not excited about being back in the gap, but happy to be doing something! Even if it's trying another medication.

I wish everyone a happy holidays, merry christmas, etc!


Hello...I was wondering how long you were using Stelara?

Approximately 7 months. I have read waiting until 1 year to receive maximum benefits. But with me, each injection lasted less and less. 6 weeks, then 4 weeks, etc. It was clear it wasn't working for the joints. Great on the P though. So, switching to enbrel to really work on the joints.

The stelara shot doesn’t last three months. It’s 6 to 8 weeks for PsA.

I hope that you do better on Enbrel than you did on Stelara, amielynn. For the first few months that I was on Enbrel, I noticed a “fade” midweek. Or at least I imagined a “fade”! Who knows … but eventually I didn’t notice changes from day to day. Many people find success with a second or third biologic, so my fingers are crossed for you!
Hope you’re having a comfortable holiday!

Thanks Seenie! Mataribot, rhemy wasn't willing to inject sooner then 12 weeks. So, I'm switching.