Splint collection

Having a drawer designated only for splints is not something the "normal lay person" can understand, but I know my friends here will. I have now added a new splint...a thumb immobilizer splint was my great purchase yesterday. The left thumb mpj decided to get nicely inflamed and lo and behold, among the many splints already in residence in said drawer, none of them were appropriate. So off to the store we went to acquire the newest resident. Now this one will help the thumb, and will live next to the wrist, knee, ankle, foot, shoulder splints already living there. I know there is just enough room, but the massager who lives there also may have to move if any other parts of the body decide they need a different kind of splint in the future...

I am dealing with it in my hands for the first time, after reading your blog last night I splinted my finger and got the best night sleep I’ve had since this started. Thank you!

I can relate! I sleep with a wrist splint (things are improving … used to be two!), so to make sure that I don’t forget my splint when I go places, I store one in my suitcase, one in the overnight bag, one in the RV, one at my sister’s house. Only someone here would understand! LOL
Lena – a splint at night does wonders for sleep!

Lena, glad I could help, even unknowingly, lol. Seenie, I too pack splints when traveling, lol...one of these days I will have to have a separate suitcase for them.