Spine Pain

I have PsA and because of it, it ate away my C5/C6 disc, therefore, Ive had 2 fusions. The 2nd fusion was because the 1st fusion FAILED, Well, I still feel the same IF NOT WORSE after the 2nd fusion. The last X-Ray I had, the NP said it looks fused to me. But he also said that same exact thing b4 I had the 2nd surgery. Until I finally convinced him to schedule a CT Scan, which he then determined I needed more surgery. I do NEED a CT done, but have NO Insurance now. I guess my question is....Is the reason my Spine ALWAYS feels like its ripping open because of my neck problem? Or could this possibly be something new?

Dear Amy,

This question is far above my sphere of knowledge to answer, I am very sorry you are going through this. I really believe this is a question for another Physician. Please keep us posted on your findings.

Wishing you well,