Smoking and stress

Hello peeps. Been a lil while since i was here. I am in the process of switching my way of smoking. Cigarettes. Lol. I bought an electronic cigg. So far in the last 2 days i’ve only smoked 6 real ciggs. And i have not smoked at all in the house. Except for the E-cigg. Best thing ever. I still get the nicotine but its in water vapor. Much better on the lungs. And the pocket book. It taste so much better. I feel pretty good. But im sure it will get much better than this. Wish me luck. Im excited to have found this healthier way to smoke. Cliche, i know. Lol

I am an ex smoker. I know how hard it is to quit. I tried off and on for several years & have not had one in over 10 years now. My son also is a smoker & he really has battled with his smoking. He has recently gotten on chantix. I do so wish you well. Keep us posted on your progress.